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wow i made this

March 26th, 2007

10:51 pm - I don't feel like dancin Stephen Colbert
by whosmurry (thanks ashe)
DOWNLOAD THIS VID HERE: http://www.badongo.com/file/2187194

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March 6th, 2007

08:29 pm - CYE 209
CYE 209

so everyone ignore this post i am not starting to use this journal again
it was just made so i could send someone this video...

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January 2nd, 2006

07:30 pm - so the move has happend
so everyone i am now only using my new lj even though i originaly planned to use both i am now just going to use _three_chord_me
so this is going to be the last post in here ok bye everyone

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December 17th, 2005

03:15 pm - hmmm
so um i feel like this whole changing lj's is not gonna work out anymore
i dont know why i even am trying to do it anymore _three_chord_me
but if it does pan out then you better go there and such gah
i dont even know whats going on with me anymore
ok i dont know what im even saying today just feels odd

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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December 16th, 2005

07:40 am - all alone on a friday
so delayed opening today and im bored so....

whoever correctly names everyone featured in this photograph first wins a prizey type thingy
update: this will probably be one of my last few posts in this lj seeing as i have already started posting in the new one
Current Music: i suck-rivers cuomo and some other guy
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December 15th, 2005

09:45 pm - transfering stuff and such
ok so i am in that odd stage where i am transfering from one lj to another and stuff
but this new lj is gonna be not as open to people as my current one
and stuff so i am gonna run both but that one is gonna be updated far more often
and stuffs i just need to find a good weezer layout and tweak it a little bit
but i have yet to find one

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11:46 am - i aint gonna hurt nobody i aint gonna cause a scene i just need to admit that i want sugar in my tea
i just got home...
so anyways as most of you know i dont have a first period class so
i come to school at the begining of second so i leave my house this morning
and it is sleeting hmm is sleeting a word ? ok so anyways thats happening
then i walk into my second period class and everyone asks me why i am there
i was really confused but as it turned out it they decided to do an early release today
so basicaly i only had 3 classes today but really only 1 because in ap euro we had a sub and the overhead projector overheated then i had ap us that was my one actual class today so i guess it may have been worth it then there was lunch
then i had ap calc which i guess i should have just gone home oh well we played cards all 52 minutes of the class
so i came to school today for a total of 30 minutes of learning hmmmmm seems almost worth it

so as im walking home i notice that you can see the individual flakes on the ground and how they are all connecting to eachother becuase of how thin the layers are right now so that was kind of cool and also on peoples driveways you the pieces of magniesum chloride that their cars tracked up onto their dirveways are the only places where there is no snow it looks kind of funny its like polka dotted there are little circles of no snow like in a half inch radius around each piece of magniusem chloride it looks cool so hmm what am i going to do the rest of my day? oh well
oh wow this is actually my first serious entry in a while hmmm maybe i can start setting up my new lj
la la la la la

EDIT: so apperantly i am now allowed to have 6 icons is this true for everyone else who dosent have a paid account?
Current Music: myself singing

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07:46 am - And I ask her all about the milky way
i dont know what im doing anymore my life is just going all crazy i cant
keep track of it anymore i dont like this feeling
that everything is nolonger in my control oh well
i dont even know what im saying
i really suck at describing
Current Music: N.F.A - the special goodness

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December 13th, 2005

06:25 pm - but i dont really care too much i dont need to lie
so i really love this song by the rentals
and i got in trouble for watching the video for
it in english but it was so worth it i love this song
lol so kids never watch rentals videos in english if you dont
plan on having people stare at you...
lol ok that will probably only be funny to two of you
but i also watched praire metal lol
that has to be my favorite video from the weezer website lol
so anyways hmmm
oh i didnt do any work just music videos and music
i love the rentals ftp server at has everything lol
so anyways hmm
oh today for my ap euro test i think i messed up the essay but oh well
so anyways you should all listen to getting by by the rentals its amazing lol
well alot of their stuff is
too bad cherie maya and petra wont be in the new rentals grrr
btw this is the rentals video i was watching http://www.taintedmerde.net/therentals/The%20Rentals%20-%20Waiting%20(Video).avi
Current Music: great bank robbery(instrumental)- the rentals

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02:37 pm
so rivers posted his letter for readmission to harvard he is such a good writer
i wish i could write like that.
so everything under tha cut is from rivers cuomo
ok got that?
so you should all read it
i cant believe he is gonna be staying in a regular
single dorm next semester that was an odd decision to live on campus
i mean oh well.

amazingness...Collapse )
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: move on-the rentals

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